[scribus] scribus crashes when I try to create a new document

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Sun Dec 12 23:00:07 CET 2010

hi keith

> >> Well, thanks for the information!
> >> I did it many times, I uninstalled, then reinstalled!
> >> I tried to relaunch the computer as it was few days ago!
> >> > If it was me, I would uninstall the package I have and download
> >> > and install a new copy.
> >> >
> >> > Did you reboot after loading what you do have?
> >
> > in contrary to what most people tend to believe, uninstalling and  
> > reinstalling does not help much in the case of scribus.
> >
> > most of the time the problem is somewhere else.
> >
> > ciao
> > a.l.e
> >
> Just thought I would mention that I have solved many problems in
> Windows by rebooting and or uninstalling and re-installing. I did not
> assume the problem was in Scribus. Even in Linux a reload after
> installig new software can make a difference as can a reinstall.
> Can't tell you why, just know it happens. ymmv

yep, this is true. some software like to be reinstalled.

but i was talking about scribus... and i can't recall of any case, where a reinstall solved the problem...

i'm interested in knowing about cases where this helped, though.


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