[scribus] An image on a double page

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Sat Dec 11 08:32:33 CET 2010

bonhjour marie-noëlle

> The question is: can Scribus manage automatically an image frame on
> two opposite pages? That means cuting the frame in two parts, keep
> them align, and keep the inside margin empty.
> If not, I will have to handle it manually.

yes it can (well, not really automatically, but it can):

- load a picture in an image frame which is to small for it

- context menu on it > contents > copy

- create a new image frame

- context menu on the new frame > contents > paste (absolute)

here you haver magic! :-)


- scribus won't update the content when resizing or moving the frames: you have to re-copy-paste the content each time

- you will lose what is in the margin...

- depending on the effect you want to achieve you may have to create the two frames on the same page, one close to the other and move the right one to the right page afterwards.

have fun


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