[scribus] Help - need a tutorial for "dummies" - ie: newbies

randy.pare at rogers.com randy.pare at rogers.com
Fri Dec 10 22:12:27 CET 2010

Hi, really sorry to bug you guys. My name is r. j. 
paré and I have been putting out an art - lit e-zine {RKYV ONLINE} for years 
using MS Word for all my layouts. 
I know, I know it is a word processing program 
with limitations in regards to page layout.
That said I have decide to learn how to use page 
layout software. I downloaded Scribus after reading good reviews and have decide 
to give it a try. 
I am utterly lost. The controls [for an MS Word 
guy, like me] do not seem intuitive. Simple things like importing a picture and 
manipulating its size to fit on the page seem impossible. An image comes in and 
there doesn't seem to be anyway to alter size. I receive articles, poetry shorts 
stories all writtne on MS Word and would like to import the docs and place them 
over background art etc etc.  
Frankly I can't figure it out at all. LOL With MS 
Word, I have limitations - but I can do all these things I have just mentioned 
[just not as well as I hoped a layout program like Scribus would 
Here is a link to back issues of my e-zine to get 
an idea of what I am talking about:
What I am hoping to learn is this:
How to use Scribus to create a document that has 
artistic backgrounds with text and other art on top, that I can then convert to 
Could someone steer me to a guide for such things? 

BTW I have read the READ ME file and BASICs 
tutorial that come with Scribus - just could not find answers to what I am 
asking there.
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