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a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Fri Dec 10 14:09:29 CET 2010

>     I'll try my questions one more time please.


> I've read that scribus is compatable with my Windows Vista. Agree?

should be, yes.

i won't tell you... i won't tell it to you.

> Although I am registered with s cribus at lists.scribus info, they were unable to answer what I thought was a straighforward enough layman's question:

we're only human...

> After downloading scribus from sourceforce.net a window popped up saying that before downloading said software, I must download ghostscript (I've read that it doesn't matter when I download ghostscript providing scribus can find the gsexecutable). Agree?


you don't have to download ghostscript. you can.
scribus will work fine without ghostscript installed.

i won't tell you another thing, either.

> Second, but related. I don't know which ghostscript to download other than the pop-up said at least 8.60+ version (again I've read 8.61 would work). Agree?

just download the latest you can find.

or none. as i said: you probably don't need ghostscript and scribus will 
work fine without it.

> Final related question, the gsexecutable file recommended is gswin32c.exe (not gswin32.exe, but there is no link for gswin32.cexe after selecting a ghostscript program).

i have to tell you that i have no idea which one you should use. you're 
probably right with your choice. if you're not, just try the other one 
the next time. probably, this won't blow up your computer.

> Also, do you need to know that my word processor is WordPad, not microsoft Word?

no, we don't really care.

both write .rtf and / or .doc  files. from both you can import the text 
into scribus. for both type of files you have to go through 
openoffice.org if you want to also import the formatting.

> As it stands now I theoritically have scribus downloaded but no ghostscript. Should I uninstall the software and begin a new download from a different site that you recommend?
just stick with what you have downloaded.

> Or, what should I do?

just work with scribus.

and, you should maybe first go through the scribus tutorial on the wiki:

you can leave some coins in the box on the right side of door when you 


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