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   I'll try my questions one more time please. 

I've read that scribus is compatable with my Windows Vista. Agree? 

Although I am registered with s cribus at lists.scribus info, they were unable to answer what I thought was a straighforward enough layman's question: After downloading scribus from sourceforce.net a window popped up saying that before downloading said software, I must download ghostscript (I've read that it doesn't matter when I download ghostscript providing scribus can find the gsexecutable). Agree? Second, but related. I don't know which ghostscript to download other than the pop-up said at least 8.60+ version (again I've read 8.61 would work). Agree? Final related question, the gsexecutable file recommended is gswin32c.exe (not gswin32.exe, but there is no link for gswin32.cexe after selecting a ghostscript program). Also, do you need to know that my word processor is WordPad, not microsoft Word? 

As it stands now I theoritically have scribus downloaded but no ghostscript. Should I uninstall the software and begin a new download from a different site that you recommend? Or, what should I do? 

Thanks, Bill
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