[scribus] Users influence on Property-Palette redesign

Christoph Schäfer christoph-schaefer at gmx.de
Thu Dec 9 19:36:52 CET 2010

On Donnerstag, 9. Dezember 2010 17:18:40 Ralf-Diether Ebel wrote:
> Hello Scribus users and devs,
> Just reading the announcment of OIF (even when following the lists) I
> really welcome the redesign of the Properties-Palette.
> I just wonder if it is planed to let the users participate at the
> redesign? At least please communicate you plans, please put serveral
> proposals (or mockups) online for discussion and commenting and if
> possible even for voting!!
> Greetings rdebel

No worries, user participation is always welcome. The description "redesign" 
in relation to the PP part of the OIF project may sound a bit misleading. Most 
of the work is/has been done one a major rewrite of the Scribus internals to 
make a significant redesign of the visual part of the PP at least possible. It 
was the lack of time to do this difficult job that held us back to create a 
more user-friendly and flexible design of that dialog so far. 


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