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Wed Dec 8 20:46:11 CET 2010

Dear Scribusers,

Even if it has not been officially communicated yet, many have somehow heard of the ongoing project supported by the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie.

Here a short text about it, written by Femke Snelting from Open Source Publishing, who visited our meeting last month in Paris.

The official announcement will follow at the beginning of January and we are eagerly awaiting for the work done by Andreas, Jean and Pierre to be integrated into the 1.5 code in the first months of 2011.

Have a nice evening

Scribus Re-loaded

Fresh news from Paris

Since a few months the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie supports the Scribus team. The goal is to make the program ready for new developers and users from Asia and Africa and this is *very* good news for the rest of us too!

The project goes under the code name “Scribus-OIF” and involves intense work on two related but very different axis: a complete rewrite of the text-engine, and a new take on the properties panel.

It all started with the need to support complex text-layout. In Arabic script for example, different glyphs are used for the same character, depending on their position in the word. Ligatures are another example of a complex text-layout. The team also decided that it was important to disentangle the text-engine code itself and to make it easier for newcomers to contribute to the project. We’ll talk about all this more soon but it does not stop there. Work is under-way to provide sophisticated paragraph based lay-outs and last but not least, the undo function for text will finally be added :-D

The second part of the work concerns the properties palette. You could see this central part of the interface as a representation of the Scribus datamodel, a good place to make developers and designers start thinking together. To invite contributions by people with different skills, the code for the properties palette will be detached from the main code-base and modularized to a high degree.

While impatiently waiting for all these developments to take an effect, expect a series of posts about Scribus Re-loaded in the upcoming months. We will detail the text-engine, discuss Scribus Persona, look closer at the properties palette and QT-designer, test-drive the frame-rendering feature and more.

Go Scribus Go!


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