[scribus] Cannot reopen a Scribus document

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Wed Dec 8 14:23:27 CET 2010

bonjour marie-nöelle,

> Yes, the pictures files are quite big, as they come from my 12 Mpx
> camera, and I didn't resize them because I want to keep the best
> definition for the printing book. It's too an early stage to know
> which picture will have to remain big, so it can be printed
> double-page, and wich will share a page with several others.
> Do you think resizing perhaps half of them could improve Scribus
> response time?


if you can create thumbnails with the same name but in another folder you can then just rename the folder and get the pictures at the right resolution when you will print them (in that case i would scale them much more than to the half... max 10%).

this will best work if you let scribus automatically scale the pictures to the frames. if not, you will have to take care to correctly define the resolution of the picture, in order to have them correctly scaled and -- eventually -- placed in the frame.

finally, iirc, somebody has contributed a caching system for images. no idea if and on which version it has been applied. but if it is in the version of scribus you are using, in the future the file will load much faster... you can try it out...


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