[scribus] Scribus 1.4.0 and XP

Nick Vettese saprod_sj at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 8 12:45:29 CET 2010

An "awful lot" is really an awful lot, even these days.  Most companies are not 
upgrading period.  Maybe due to the economy, or maybe their distrust of any 
Vista-like OS. I would think it ashame not to test Scribus on XP, as this is 
still your majority Windows OS user base. 

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On 12/7/10 9:40 PM, K.King wrote:
> <<
> We will also be dropping support for XP eventually (perhaps with 1.4.0),
> ie to the point of saying.. if it works, then great, but we won't test
> on it anymore. Not confirmed yet.
> Is 1.4.0 that far away:-?
> An awful lot of people are and probably will still be using it for
> quite a while.
> Some corporates are in no hurry to move to 7, as still supported till
> 2014.

1.4.0 is not that far away.

XP is 2 versions behind, and 9+ years old (from release, not
development). It is as insecure as an open door.

I didn't say our release would not be compatible with XP (I'm 99% sure
it will be), however we will not be testing on XP.

I doubt "an awful" lot is really that many these days.. Windows 7 is
*miles* ahead of XP and Vista in so many ways.


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