[scribus] Cannot reopen a Scribus document

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Wed Dec 8 12:42:06 CET 2010

bonjour marie-nöelle,

> I cannot reopen a document created two days ago with Scribus 1.3.9
> The loading gauge goes up to 99%, but then Scribus seems to freeze
> and the document never shows.
> It is 452,2 Kio big and full of pictures, as I was using it to group
> and organize photos that are going to make a book. There was no
> layout at the moment, so to speak. Just one empty page, and about 220
> pictures in several groups scattered around the workspace.
> I can see the xml fine in an editor.
> Is there a way to recover at least part of that document (creating
> frames and importing so many pictures is quite long ...)

three possible ways (always work with backed up files):

a/ try to open the same document on a computer with (much) more ram.

b/ if the pictures are big, replace them with their thumbnails (copy the current pictures to another place, create the thumbnails in another folder but with the same name as the original picture, put the thumbnails where the pictures were.

c/ if the pictures are not all on the same page: rename the folder where the picture are (i hope you have put them in a folder...), open the .sla with scribus (scribus should not find them and be more), delete some pages (and get sane chunks), save as.


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