[scribus] Rectangle, text properties don't work (Mac)

a.l.e a.l.e at xox.ch
Wed Dec 8 09:41:48 CET 2010

hi thomas,

> - I tried to make a text box and modify the text in it. The text box
> was created, and I was able to enter text with the default
> properties. However, the only modification I could do via the Story
> Editor was to switch from Left to Center Alignment. The change of
> font or size didn't show any effect after updating the text box, and
> if I tried to change the color from black to white, it wasn't
> possible to revert the change. This is not an encouraging start. Any
> ideas what is going wrong here? System information (could not be set
> on the web form): v.1.3.8, build ID C-C-T-F-Q-Mac/Aqua from 21 July
> 2010 for Mac OS X, precompiled .dmg. for Intel CPU.

you should not do text formatting in the story editor... not more than apply styles.

please update to 1.3.9 and use the properties palette.

and, no, scribus does not have undo for text operations, yet.


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