[scribus] Fwd: How to make a PDF HD

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Wed Dec 8 08:26:30 CET 2010

bonjour cécile,

> Antway, thank you for your answer!
> Well I understood that scribus was for creating PDF.
> When I tried to open teh document of the printing service it was just
> to see if I could see some details about the parametter.
> Well the thing is, I have created a picture with gimp, and I have
> converted it to obtain a picture with the CMJN profile.
> Then I imported it into scribus.
> The printing service ask for a document with a specified quality. He
> sent us an example of parrameters, but they are for illustrator,
> indesign or quark xpress! may be this is for a better printing
> quality!

if you're using scribus 1.3.8/139 you should be able to set most of the settings in the PDF export dialog or in the preferences.

what is important (and i'm not sure you got that part...), is that you use scribus' own PDF generator (by clicking on the PDF icon in the toolbar) and not print through a generic PDF driver.

hope that helps. if not ask (even in french) about single settings you are wondering about.


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