[scribus] Scribus results / list of minor flaws

Andreas Hünnebeck acmh at gmx.de
Mon Dec 6 23:43:39 CET 2010

Hi Folks,

first of all I have to thank all people involved in creating Scribus.
It is an amazing piece of work.

I use Scribus since May 2010 to create the booklet (Mitteilungsheft)
which is sent to twice per year to the members of the local section 
of the German Alpine CLub (DAV) in Ettlingen/Germany.

The first booklet (No 19) had 44 pages and I used Scribus on 
Kubunto 9.04. The second (current) booklet (No 20) has 52 pages and 
I used Scribus 1.3.8 on Kubuntu 10.04 to write it, and switched to 1.3.9
(self built, see my last posting) yesterday (very brave! the print shop
got the PDF this morning) to finish it. The results can be seen and 
downloaded here:


Most tables were created by Python scripts. I wrote a generic table class
which creates and fills frames according to some input variables, and
wrote one script for each table which calls the table class with the
appropriate input. Changing the content means changing the script.
All in all there were no major problems yet, just a few hickups.

In Scribus

  1. Hyphenation for German language is unusable

  2. I was not able to enter a Soft-Hyphen: Ctrl-Shift-Minus had no effect
     (fixed in 1.3.8).

In Scribus 1.3.8:

  1. I could not change font or font size in the first line of text (fixed in 1.3.9)

  2. Somehow the list of paragraph styles got filled up with lots of 'Copy of ...'
     styles I've never created intentionally (don't know yet if this occurs in 1.3.9).
     I did not try to remove them for fear of unknown consequences.

  3. When klicking on the selected style in the story editor the dialog window
     always pops up with 'No Style' at the begin of the list. In it
     came up with the selected style. Together with the bug in (2) this became

  4. The story editor alway inherits the style of the preceding paragraph, if I
     hit <DEL> at the end of a paragraph or <BACKSPACE> at the begin of the next
     paragraph. I think <DEL> should keep the style of the current paragraph.

  5. One table (page 17 in No 20) was created with Scribus table means in
     and in 1.3.8 I was not able to change its content (which luckily needed no 
     change between booklets 19 and 20).

In Scribus 1.3.9:
  Same bugs as (3) and (4) in 1.3.8; (2) and (5) not yet tested.

If the developers want to have the sla file for debugging let me know, please.

Earlier I had used StarOffice / OpenOffice for many years but OpenOffice became
very unstable lately and caused so much pain that a better solution was needed.
And since Scribus creates real CMYK output the print shop has less work which
lowers the costs.

So again thanks a lot!

best regards
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