[scribus] Announcement: Scribus 1.3.9 released

Craig Bradney cbradney at zip.com.au
Sun Dec 5 20:48:34 CET 2010

On 12/5/10 6:41 PM, Randolph Bentson wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 05, 2010 at 12:50:32PM +0000, Gerard Cunningham wrote:
>> Remember what I said about fool proof? Can you
>> clarify for me, where do I create that directory?
>> Is it:
>> 1. /scribus-1.3.9
>> 2. /home/scribus-1.3.9
>> 3. /home/username/scribus-1.3.9
>> 4. /home/username/Downloads/scribus-1.3.9
>> Maybe I was over thinking it , but lacking
>> further clarity, I went with option 1.
> I recommend creating directories
>   /home/username/Download
>   /home/username/src
>   /home/username/bin
> Fetch tarball, zip file, etc. into the first;
> extract contents to the second, where you compile;
> and install into the third.

For CMake builds, use out of source builds.. so, no, you can be clean
and not build in the src directory.
> Make sure your PATH environment variable includes an entry for
> the latter.  This is generally done with entries such as
>   PATH=$PATH:$HOME/bin
>   export PATH
> in your shell start-up scripts such as .bash_profile.
> If you're interested in maintaining multiple versions of
> some program, rename the bare executable to a name with
> its version , e.g., "scribus" to "scribus-1.3.8", before
> installing the latest with the bare name.

No need to rename any binary yourself.. add -DWANT_VERSIONING=1 to the
CMake command line and it will add the version to the binary name, so
"scribus" automatically would be installed as "scribus-1.3.9" for example.


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