[scribus] Announcement: Scribus 1.3.9 released

Gregory Pittman gregp_ky at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 5 16:32:35 CET 2010

On 12/05/2010 10:03 AM, John Culleton wrote:
> On Sunday 05 December 2010 08:09:55 Craig Bradney wrote:
>>> So I moved to the top level directory /scribus-1.3.9 and tried
>>> the same command.
>>> Same error.
>> Try putting the . at the end:
> .
> That little dot at the end says "use the current directory as the
> target directory." There has to be a space as separator before the
> period or it won't work. The period is actually a (very short)
> parameter, not a terminator as in text.
> BTW since I cut my Linux eyeteeth back in the day when it came on
> multiple 5.5" floppy images (i.e. original Slackware) I am used to
> operating as the root user or administrator when it is useful to do
> so. Hence when using a Debian derivative partition (Debian, Kubuntu,
> Ubuntu or my favorite: Knoppix) I do this command one time:
> sudo passwd root myfavoritepassword
>> From that day forward I can sign on as root, just like a real adult
> who has 42 years of computer programming and operation under his belt.
> No more typing sudo all over the place.
> passwd is not a misspelling in this instance.

This business of building Scribus is not an instance where being root is 
either necessary or perhaps even desirable. If you build Scribus and 
indicate an install directory in your home directory, you can freely 
install there as yourself. The advantage is that you can have more than 
one version of Scribus to choose from, and especially if you're playing 
with an unstable version, you can for example have an unstableA and 
unstableB directory, alternating back and forth, in case that a new 
update develops some fatal flaw, you still have your most recent working 
unstable version still intact.


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