[scribus] Headlines

Owen rcook at pcug.org.au
Fri Dec 3 23:22:17 CET 2010

> I would love to know how to make store-able objects, such as a header,
> that
> I can pull into a current file and then modify individually or
> globally, the
> contents of the header.  Our magazine uses headers above each article,
> but
> the information supplied is about the author of that article and the
> title
> of the article.  The look of all headers is the same but the
> information
> supplied in the header is unique to that article including the
> author's
> picture.
> Can this be accomplished with 1.3.8 or earlier?  No 1.3.9 here, yet.
> BTW,
> the headers are not always at the top of the page, so a master page
> will not
> suffice.  I do use Master Pages to put the page numbering on the
> outside
> edge of right and left pages along with some other info that does NOT
> change
> with pages.  I have several objects that tend to remain the same from
> issue
> to issue that I would hope could be stored for use with the next issue
> in a
> new .sla file.

Maybe I misunderstand your problem, but can you not assign all common
elements to the scrapbook?


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