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John Ghormley KJ4UFG kj4ufg at sera.org
Fri Dec 3 23:11:00 CET 2010

I would love to know how to make store-able objects, such as a header, that
I can pull into a current file and then modify individually or globally, the
contents of the header.  Our magazine uses headers above each article, but
the information supplied is about the author of that article and the title
of the article.  The look of all headers is the same but the information
supplied in the header is unique to that article including the author's

Can this be accomplished with 1.3.8 or earlier?  No 1.3.9 here, yet.  BTW,
the headers are not always at the top of the page, so a master page will not
suffice.  I do use Master Pages to put the page numbering on the outside
edge of right and left pages along with some other info that does NOT change
with pages.  I have several objects that tend to remain the same from issue
to issue that I would hope could be stored for use with the next issue in a
new .sla file.

John  KJ4UFG
Walkertown, NC  USA
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> >J.J.Jordan replied:
> >>>How can I get headlines automaticly. I should like a tool where I
> >>> can
> >>>make a headline that automatic will change all the headlines.
> >>>I make a monthly magazine and in the headlines we put the name of
> >>> the
> >>>month.Perhaps you can help me.
> >>>I hope the English Iused is clear enough.
> >>>Thank You.
> >>
> >> It sounds as if you need to find out about styles. You can create a
> >> text style that sets the specific font, point size, and many, many
> >> more
> >> attributes. Then you just click on each headline and apply the
> >> style.
> >> Thus, each headline will have the same appearance. If you want to
> >> change the appearance of all the headlines, just edit the style and
> >> all
> >> the headlines will automatically be reformatted.
> >
> >I didn't understand his problem that way. It seems he wants
> >something that will automatically change the MONTH in the headline
> >for each new issue. A paragraph style won't do this, it will just
> >apply the style to each headline and if you make a change to the
> >style, it will automatically be applied to every paragraph using
> >that style.
> >
> >I'm a total dummy when it comes to scripting, but my guess is that a
> >script could be written that would automate these changes.
> >
> >You're completely right about the usefulness of paragraph styles.
> >People new to DTP absolutely *must* learn to use styles and not just
> >ad hoc paragraph formatting.
> >--Judy M.
> >   USA
> a.l.e. had it right: the man is talking about "headers" (like in
> headers/footers). He wants to have something like a master page where you
> can place objects that will appear on every page that does not have the
> master page objects hidden. Once I get back home, if I remember, I can do a
> PDF tutorial of what I'm talking about (it's kind of like a skeleton that
> you hang the elements of the real pages on; like if you want to have a
> header, a footer, and a vertical bar down the center of every standard page,
> then you just do it the one time on the master page; after that, every page
> that shows master page elements will have those elements already in place).
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