[scribus] Organizing pictures before inserting them in a book

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2010/12/3 a.l.e <ale.comp_06 at xox.ch>

> but in that case i would maybe insert the single images by drag and drop
> from an image viewer:
> - create icons for all your images in a separated folder (without remaning
> them)
> - create an empty folder where you will place the images you insert into
> scribus

This will be done using Digikam, that holds my whole collection: using tags,
albums, dates, rating, etc. I will do my selection, and export the whole lot
to an empty folder dedicated to the book. I can rename them if I feel like
it, but I'd rather keep the original files names as a kind of 'audit track'.

> - create a scribus document with enough pages
> - choose an icon, move it to the target folder and, then drag and drop the
> image to the scribus document.
> you may carefully choose the defaults for creating the image frame (it's in
> the document settings) to improve your workflow.

Then I'll create a new document in Scribus, but at first only to be able to
import the images in frames I'll put all over the screen. One page will
suffice for the beginning, and I'll add the other pages along the way, when
I need them.
The image frames, I can and will resize them all along till I'm satisfied
with the layout of the page I'm working on. At the beginning, I'll probably
create little frames so I can manage, organize and move all the pictures on
the canvas. Once I'll have them grouped, probably by double page, I will
work group by group in order to create the layout with the final sizes.


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