[scribus] Organizing pictures before inserting them in a book

keith bruner bclep at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 2 21:08:56 CET 2010

You might want to look at GnomeCatalog or Basenji for a picture organising  
tool. I am really not sure of their total capabilities but GnomeCatalog  
has some nice features.


On Thu, 02 Dec 2010 11:28:57 -0800, Marie-Noëlle Augendre  
<mnaugendre at gmail.com> wrote:

> Thanks to all of you, that have taken time to answer my questions ... and
> ask a few questions in return.
> I think it'll be helpful to give you some more information:
>  - I run Linux/Fedora
>  - my photos database (about 17000 photos) is managed in Digikam; and I  
> have
> actually asked the same question on the Digikam list.
>  - the photos book will be created in Scribus because 1) I want to work  
> on a
> real layout involving photos and texts 2) the printer (as in 'imprimeur'  
> in
> french, and not 'imprimante') expects strict PDF/X-3 files for the pages  
> and
> the cover, which I now know Scribus can provide (I made a test on simple
> little book with only one photo per page)
>  - there might be any number of photos per page, from one photo on a  
> double
> page to 6, 7, ... whatever. The preliminary organization/sorting of the
> photos will induce some layout, and I intend it to be very different from
> one page to another.
> What I need to do is to sort and organize the pictures in a preliminary  
> step
> so, when I am working on a specific Scribus page, I know which photos  
> I'll
> have to import and where approximately to put it on the page; and I'll  
> have
> to find each photo in a folder among 200 or 300 photos. They don't
> especially need to be in the same order they'll appear in Scribus,  
> provided
> I know their filename, and don't have to browse each time through the  
> whole
> folder and find the thumbnail I'm looking for.
> If I cannot find a computer tool to do that, I will have to do it "à
> l'ancienne": printing contact sheets (thumbnails + filenames), separate  
> them
> with a pair of cisors, and do the organization part ... on my kitchen  
> table.
> Hope this clarify the matter a bit.
> About the suggestions I have seen:
>  - geeqie and ng-xim: never heard of them, I will have a look ASAP
>  - krename: I've already investigated this one but, unless I'm mistaken,  
> is
> doesn't allow manual sorting. And for the rename bit, Digikam provides me
> with much more options that I need.
>  - IrfanView: will have a look at it. But if possible, I would rather  
> avoid
> Wine as an unnecessary complication.
>  - automatic import in Scribus: I will have a look. But I am not looking  
> for
> an automated layout, so I don't see the point ... but I might be missing
> something.
>  - Lightroom? No thanks. I came to the "free world" (Ubuntu, then  
> Fedora) a
> year ago, and don't intend to go back. And, as far as know, Digikam does
> more or less the same things as Lightroom. It allows me to select 200-300
> photos among 17000 using albums, tags, dates, rates, etc. rename them,
> export them ...
> Will be back soon with the result of my investigations.
> Thanks,
> Marie-Noëlle

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