[scribus] Organizing pictures before inserting them in a book

Sveinn í Felli sveinki at nett.is
Thu Dec 2 14:34:31 CET 2010

On fim  2.des 2010 07:30, skrifaði Marie-Noëlle Augendre:
> I'm a real beginner in DTP, and have just created a little photo books of 40
> pictures with Scribus.
> Now, I want to work on a larger project involving about 200-300 photos, and
> I'm looking for a tool to organize the photos before actually putting them
> in Sribus pages. I would like to display as many photo thumbnails as
> possible in a window, and be able to sort them manually. When I'm satisfied
> with the order, I will have to register it someway (renaming the files is
> possible), so I only have to import them, one by one, in image frames in
> Scribus.
>> From what I saw, Scribus images manager only allows sorting by filename or
> document page. Unless there is a function I have not yet discovered? Or a
> plugin, may be?
> Or somebody can give hints about other tools I could use, or other ways to
> do the job?

Think I saw a similar request from you on the DigiKam list, 
actually I once proposed including a function in a 
Kipi-plugin for slideshows which would be useful in your 

As an (old/ex) Windows user, I often used the slideshow 
feature in IrfanView to organise/order a pool of photos. The 
resulting order then could be saved as a plain text file.

IrfanView should be known to most graphics oriented 
Win-folks, maybe it can run in Wine ?

Not sure if I've seen this elsewhere.


Sveinn í Felli

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