[scribus] Weekly digest?

JLuc jluc at no-log.org
Thu Dec 2 12:13:07 CET 2010

Le 16/11/2010 19:33, Flos Headford a écrit :
> Is a weekly digest (rather than daily) available?
> Thanks,
> Flos

For many users, newsgroups are probably a usefull and friendly
alternative to email digests.

Through newsgroups, one doesnt receive mails except their titles
and the mails are available to be reached and read when desired,
in the "newsgroups section" of the usual mailreader
(thunderbird, Outlook express or other).

By chance, there is a bridge betwen the scribus mailing list
and a newsgroups server at gmane.

Subscription adress to the bridged newslist is :

General page and archives are at


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