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2010/8/11 Alex <help at scribus.info>

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>  Name: Alex
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> Hi
> I'm finishing one book with Scribus. ( 370 pages ) Everything is ok so far.
> ( I had to split the whole book to four pieces coz Scribus crashes if I try
> to import the whole book.) but I can't find the way how to separate words
> with coma ( don't know english name for that function.) to fill the gap when
>  words  are   too    separated    in   one  line. So I'm look-
> ing for some-
> thing like that to separate long words. Is there any function for that.

Hi Alex,

Yes, the function exists. What you describe is called "hyphenation". The
settings for this are in the Preference dialog. You will find the language
of hyphenation and other settings. Then, in the top menu bar, you will find
Extra > Hyphenate Text (there is even a De-Hyphenate menu). This will help
accomplish a much "quieter" typographic gray. Unless you have set the type
to a very narrow column width and a very large typesize, you should see a
clear improvement.

All other questions have been answered by Greg !

Cheers !


> Working the whole week with scribus ( literary coz I'm also learning how to
> work with Scribus along with preparing a book for a print ) had only two
> wishes. Better implementation with footnotes. ( yeah I know, through the
> html :-/ ;-)  and secondly ability to also export separate styles for having
> them somewhere on the disk ( and not importing all the styles from the file
> )
> btw.. I don't know how common is my next wish, but sometimes I miss some
> notepad like window for putting some txt in to it for further use. ( in case
> if I have to separate some text using it in few chapters. Yeah I know - a
> bit exotic wish :-)
> btw great program and thanks in advance for all your answers.
> Cheers
> Alex from Slovenia
> btw I'm using 138 version for windows. I know- it is not so stable, but so
> far, don't have much troubles with that. The only bug I found was that when
> importing odd master pages it overdraw all the values from start. ( when I
> want to add something on odd page from pages 123 till 280 it always put that
> from page 1 till 280, so I need to start on last page adding chapters and
> than going slowly back till the number 1)
>  About your Scribus program:
>    Version: 1.3.6
>    Prebuilt/Compiled: Prebuilt
>    Build Date:
>  Your operating system and CPU:
>    Type: Windows
>    Version: WinXP
>    CPU type: 32bit (Intel/AMD - i386)
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