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Gregory Pittman gregp_ky at yahoo.com
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On 08/11/2010 11:52 AM, Alex wrote:
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> Hi
> I'm finishing one book with Scribus. ( 370 pages ) Everything is ok so
> far. ( I had to split the whole book to four pieces coz Scribus crashes
> if I try to import the whole book.) but I can't find the way how to
> separate words with coma ( don't know english name for that function.)
> to fill the gap when words are too separated in one line. So I'm look-
> ing for some-
> thing like that to separate long words. Is there any function for that.
This may be a matter of looking at the new Word Tracking and Glyph 
Extension features in the Advanced section of the Text tab of 
properties. I have to admit I'm not quite sure what you want.

> Working the whole week with scribus ( literary coz I'm also learning how
> to work with Scribus along with preparing a book for a print ) had only
> two wishes. Better implementation with footnotes. ( yeah I know, through
> the html :-/ ;-) and secondly ability to also export separate styles for
> having them somewhere on the disk ( and not importing all the styles
> from the file )

Footnotes remain problematic, but for the time being I think it's a 
matter of being creative using current capabilities. For example, 
imagine that your footnotes are part of a series of separate text frames 
in a particular location of the pages on which they are needed. The text 
of these footnotes is one continuous body of text, so that you link from 
one frame to the next (and a page without footnotes does not need this 
frame), adjusting the vertical height so that the footnotes pertinent to 
that page show and those which are not don't show.
> btw.. I don't know how common is my next wish, but sometimes I miss some
> notepad like window for putting some txt in to it for further use. ( in
> case if I have to separate some text using it in few chapters. Yeah I
> know - a bit exotic wish :-)

Again, a matter of looking at what Scribus can do and adapting. You can 
have layers which are not visible and/or do not print or export to PDF. 
Put these notes on another invisible layer, then if you use them later, 
move to a visible layer or make the entire layer visible. This is also a 
way to manage multilingual documents.


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