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avox avox at arcor.de
Fri Apr 30 11:22:34 CEST 2010

Marcus Holland-Moritz wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> I've got a little problem with Blurb, RIPs, fonts and the PDF generated
> by Scribus. Actually, it seems it's not me but rather some RIPs that
> have a problem with the way one (or more?) of my fonts are being embedded
> by Scribus.
> As far as I understand (see below) some RIPs are fine, while others
> (seemingly newer ones) throw errors because of the fonts. I'm not 100%
> sure, but I *think* I've chosen "Outline All Fonts" when exporting the
> PDF.  I've *at least* chosen "Embed All Fonts". I think, though, that
> font names like "Fo0S0" indicate outlined fonts.
> My problem is that I don't have the slightest experience with RIPs and
> what kinds of errors they can throw and how to debug problems like this.
> So, while I'd really like to help solving this problem (whatever it may
> be), I don't know which questions to ask the guy from customer support
> or how to proceed.
> Ideas, anyone?
> Thanks,
> Marcus
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> Response (Craig) - 04/27/2010 03:46 PM
> Hi Marcus,
> The problem with the font is only seen at the final RIP stage of file
> conversion. The RIP itself is throwing an error. This is why it's not
> showing up everywhere and why it passes our preflight. There are many RIP
> versions out there which is why it may work at one facility and not
> another. Our European printer is currently one of those that cannot print
> this file. They *may* be using a newer version that all other printers in
> our network will eventually be using. You can see the problem this poses
> to your file, i.e., it may eventually run into issues at printers it's
> gone to before.
> In cases such as this it's by far easier to attempt to strip out the root
> cause from the file. If a font is outlined rather than embedded it should
> not show up in the document properties File > Properties > Fonts tab. So
> the suspect fonts you have identified are indeed still embedded within the
> file.
> I'm not sure how to create a proper outline of fonts in Scribus (in
> InDesign you select the font and choose Type > Create Outline. There may
> be a similar function in Scribus). This creates small vector based shapes
> of the characters, which maintains the crisp edges.
> The bottom line is the RIP does not like those Type 3 fonts included in
> your file (not all type 3 fonts are an issue, just these or how Scribus
> creates these). That's why you either need to use an alternative font or
> create and outline of it to remove the reference. Checking the fonts tab
> in the properties menu will verify this.
> Best regards,
> Craig
> Technical Support Specialist
> ...

The way Scribus outlines/subsets fonts *is* creating a Type3 font. This has
the advantage that the PDF remains searchable. Earlier versions of Scribus
used regular graphics operations instead of Type3 fonts.

We'd be very interested which RIP (product name) shows this problem and how
it manifests itself.

In the short run, try just embedding all fonts. If Scribus insists on
outlining them, you can try to change its setting in General Settings ->
Fonts (you may have to scroll horizontally to see the column with the
"embed" flag.

Embedding will not work for OTF Fonts with PostScript outlines (CFF). In
this case you'll have to choose another font.


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