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> I edit an 8 page tabloid size newspaper for a neighborhood association in
> Portland, and several other assocaitions (we have about 95) are looking to
> emulate our paper.  Previously the paper was done in InDesign but for reasons
> of volunteer accessibility I am trying to move toward open source software.
> I did the last two issues using Open Office Writer with definite issues with
> our printer, mostly over color.  I am a total newbie both to DTP (coming from
> the old days of actual cut and paste) and am struggling trying to learn how
> to use Scribus--don't need a lot of fancy stuff, just the basics, like I
> can't figure out how to do styles for example to set my paragraph indents for
> the body.  Is there someone that can help me with this -- and what would be
> most excellent would be if there were someone in Portland who wanted to meet
> with me to show me a few quick tips, help me set up a basic template and who
> might also be willing to coach others from the various neighborhood
> associations and coalitions.  If I can just get the basics under my belt I am
> happy to pay it forward and teach others.

might consider our manual, available from amazon -- just search
'Scribus' there. The manual covers versions 1.3.3.x, but except for
some rearrangements of some features like styles, for example, the
functions are much the same.

The manual is excellent (but is not free).  To get started, you might look at the (free) tutorial at:

This directory contains the tutorial as a booklet in both A4 and Letter format (PDF) which you can print (preferably double sided, then fold to produce the booklet), as well as all the files required to follow the directions to create a document.

Murray Strome

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