[scribus] Clickable URL links in PDF export

Gregory Pittman gregp_ky at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 25 16:54:42 CEST 2010

On 04/25/2010 10:26 AM, Bill Gee wrote:
> I am looking for a way to make part of the text in a text box be a clickable
> URL link when exported as PDF.  I found a previous document on this from April
> 2008 at http://lists.scribus.net/pipermail/scribus/2008-April/028860.html.
> However, the solution described here is not suitable for my need.  In my case
> the link is an integral part of the surrounding text.  I don't see a way to
> put a link frame inside a text frame in such a way that the secondary frame
> moves when the surrounding text from the primary frame is changed.
This is your only option. Scribus at this time does not have the ability 
to create linking via text. It's a bit cumbersome, but this method of 
superimposing a linking frame over the text from which you want to link 
is the only way I know of to accomplish this. It just shows that you 
should complete your layout before you apply these frames on top.

> I tried creating an html file which has<a>  tags in it, then importing that
> into a text box.  The imported text is about 0.2 points high - completely
> unreadable!  When I use text properties to apply a paragraph style to it, the
> clickability of the link disappears.

When Scribus imports HTML, it will assign text features to links, 
typically including underlining the text, but these have no linking 
ability in the final PDF.


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