[scribus] beginner's luck, or lack thereof

Peter Thorkelson pthork at earthlink.net
Thu Apr 22 20:02:47 CEST 2010

dear list,

I am a true beginner—to the business of all but completely prepackaged  

I downloaded scribus (1.3.6), and was informed upon trying to open it  
that I was missing some software:

"The following programs are missing:
Ghostscript : You cannot use EPS images or Print Preview"

is what it said.  I went looking for "ghostscript," and was introduced  
to the terms "tarball" and "distro."  I have since gleaned (rightly or  
wrongly) that a tarball is a collection of small bits of software, but  
apparently I should know what a distro is, since I'm supposed to  
report that when asking for help.

SO. what's ghostscript, where do I get it and how do I install it?

what's distro?

if I get and install ghostscript, will I then be able to use scribus  
unimpeded?  seems unlikely.

btw, I re-downloaded scribus as a dmg file (haven't opened it yet),  
and notice that it's  what are the relative pros and cons of  
using this over 1.3.6?

I appreciate what help I can get.

Peter T


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