[scribus] import eps

Ian Whitfield editor at federalsaints.net
Thu Apr 15 15:36:24 CEST 2010

> I tried importing eps files (created from vectorworks) in Scribus
> If i use "import vectorgrafiks" my Scribus file is getting really heavy
> (from 200Kb to 2 Mb for just an img). Zooming becomes a problem as well
> If i import eps in an img frame the quality in the exported pdf and in the
> print is really lower.
> Any idea?
I have been using the 'import as eps' method to include a part of a 
Spreadsheet into my publication and was very interested to read this post!

As I published my latest edition last night, (and I always to the 'Data 
Spreadsheet' almost last), I decided to look into this.

My finished document, (in sla format), was 2Mb before I added the eps 
"image". The Spreadsheet is quite small - 5 columns and 19 rows - but 
after adding it into my file in a small box approx 80mm square the 
finished file size jumped to >3.5Mb!!! In other words one small eps 
"image" almost doubled the size of my file.

As Scribus does not produce the smallest PDF files around, even after 
setting my dpi down to 96, and using PDFCreator strips out all the 
Hotlinks, I decided to try another way.

I was able to spend an hour or two and re-create the "Spreadsheet" in a 
standard Text Box and this only moved my finished file size up to 2.1Mb. 
Much more acceptable!!

Just thought I would mention this for those working with eps files and 
wondering why their file sizes are so big.

Love the ML - Am learning a lot!!

Thanks to all

Ian Whitfield.

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