[scribus] import eps

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Wed Apr 14 10:28:36 CEST 2010

ciao paola

> my Inkskape (0.47) doesn´t import or open eps file!!!

my inkscape 0.47 does nah nah nah :-)

well, inkscape on debian testing can open eps files almost correctly...
so there may be some hope for you, :-)

(and the "almost" may be related
to scribus setting the wrong orientation in the eps file (i think this
bug has already been fixed after my last update))

an alternative is to first convert the eps to pdf (pstopdf?) and than
opening the pdf with inkscape. worked flawlessly here (on very simple
eps with shape and text)

> @Ale: what do you mean by simplifying the eps: deleating some pieces
> or saving with other settings?

deleting invisible parts or simplifying curves (a circle can be a
circle or 2 million points on a polygon...

in inkscape there is a path > simplify command to help you "unused"
points from a form (use it with care!)

> @Gregory: should the png be imported in an image frame? is than that
> better then an eps in img frame?

depending on your target it may be ok or not to rasterize your image.
when you print documents, at some time you have to rasterize it (well
the printer can only output rasterized images).
you should just match the printing resolution at the target size!

buona giornata anche a te

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