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Paola Meloni paomeloni at gmail.com
Wed Apr 14 09:13:31 CEST 2010

Hi guys,
my Inkskape (0.47) doesn´t import or open eps file!!!

@Ale: what do you mean by simplifying the eps: deleating some pieces or
saving with other settings?

@Gregory: should the png be imported in an image frame? is than that better
then an eps in img frame?

Thanks a lot again!!!!

buona giornata
On 13 April 2010 18:23, Gregory Pittman <gregp_ky at yahoo.com> wrote:

>  On 04/13/2010 09:59 AM, Paola Meloni wrote:
>> I tried importing eps files (created from vectorworks) in Scribus
>> If i use "import vectorgrafiks" my Scribus file is getting really heavy
>> (from 200Kb to 2 Mb for just an img). Zooming becomes a problem as well
>> If i import eps in an img frame the quality in the exported pdf and in the
>> print is really lower.
>> Any idea?
> What may work for you is to export the eps to png from something like
> inkscape, adjusting the size/dpi to your needs. This can produce a better
> quality output than importing to an image frame in Scribus.
> For most uses, ending up with a DPI in Scribus >300dpi is unnecessary.
> Greg
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