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John Culleton john at wexfordpress.com
Fri Apr 9 23:58:00 CEST 2010

On Friday 09 April 2010 15:18:37 Christoph Schäfer wrote:

> Quote:"We thought that it would be nice to have a some [1] talks from
> developers that work on Qt based programs but don't use the KDE
> framework. [2] We're in particular interested to hear about why Qt is
> used and why there is no KDE integration. (numbers in brackets added by
> me)
> These are two different topics.
A distinction without much difference. One sentence expands on the other.  I 
could list a dozen things that the KDE Developers need to fix with existing 
KDE apps and with the GUI itself before they take on more apps. But of 
course I am just a user, not a developer. 

From the user viewpoint Scribus has a more natural relationship to Gimp, to 
TeX, to Open Office Writer, to Adobe Acrobat,  to Inkscape.  I just don't see 
much synergism between KDE apps and Scribus. And the KDE development cycle 
is much more ponderous than the Scribus way.  

IMO thanks, but no thanks. I continue to use some KDE apps but I have given 
up on KDE as a GUI.

John Culleton
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