[scribus] Akademy invitation

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Fri Apr 9 08:46:40 CEST 2010


> > > We
> > > thought that it would be nice to have a some talks from
> > > developers that work on Qt based programs but don't use the KDE
> > > framework. We're in particular interested to hear about why Qt is
> > > used and why there is no KDE integration.
> 2. Whether KDE 4 is terrible lies in the eye of the beholder/user,
> and personally I happen to disagree with you.

the distributions i know, don't offer both a version of the
software with kdelib dependences and one without it: in my
opinion, integrating any software which is not a core tool in the
desktop environment is a pain for everybody who happens to have a
lightweight system (and doesn't want to install kde).

we have more and more half baked solution for gnome, kde, xcfe, qt,
kde, and so on which can't be merged because their basically not
compatible (i talk about applications for mails, calendars, music
playing, web browsing, drawing, managing photos, ...)

there may be some good reasons why some applications get implemented in
two ways, but it's not healthy when the goal of each
frameworks is to exclusively "attract" more and more applications in 
their "world".

so, dear kde folks, what i can suggest to you, is to look for a way to
let QT integrate with KDE at runtime (depending on the availability
of the kdelibs).
or look at the problem the other way around: how can kde (and gnome and
xfce, ...) offer its services to scribus without expecting the scribus
devs to target your specific desktop environment?
i don't know who you have invited to your kde conference, but -- imho
-- you should be inviting the gnome, gtk, trolltech, enlightenment,
xfce folks and find with them how to enhance the kde integration of
most of the applications being developed without kde.

your invitation to the scribus team looks to me like a lobbying act
tending to get scribus to become a kde app. this is something against
which a random slackware user will react emotionally...
and this is something makes me shake my head.

take care

p.s.: bertjan, i wonder whether you need somebody telling you this at

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