[scribus] Drop Caps

Gregory Pittman gregp_ky at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 6 17:53:07 CEST 2010

On 04/06/2010 01:29 AM, a.l.e wrote:
> hi david,
> hi greg
>> On 04/05/2010 03:48 PM, David Butt wrote:
>>> Is it possible to create a drop cap using styles on a paragraph and
>>> apply a different style to the rest on the the paragraph. At the
>>> moment the same style gets applied to the whole paragraph including
>>> drop cap (this happens both ways). I'm using version 1.3.5. Let me
>>> try and explain what I'm trying to do. Trying to create a Q&A page
>>> with the letters Q&   A as drop caps in red and blue. the style has
>>> been set up for this. the main text then is just one other style
>>> but, when I try to set the drop cap style (after only highlighting
>>> the drop cap) the other text takes on the drop cap style, and when
>>> I highlight the other text and apply the text style the it gets
>>> applied to the drop cap as well even thoght it was no highlighted.
>>> I don't want to go down the route of creating a separate text-box
>>> just for the drop caps not if there is an easier way.
>> The problem comes from the fact that drop caps are a feature of
>> paragraph styles but not character styles.
>> You can apply a paragraph style with the drop cap, then a different
>> character style for the rest, but the problem is that the baseline of
>> the rest of the first line drops down to the bottom of the drop cap,
>> so you get the drop cap sticking up -- might or might not be Ok for
>> your purpose.
>> In the end I think the separate frame for the drop cap is going to be
>> your easiest way to deal with this.
> what about checking "drop cap" in the paragraph style and then manually
> applying a character style to each drop cap?

As I said, drop caps are a feature of paragraph styles only, and 
therefore are not available in character styles and not something you 
can set in Properties. You can, of course, make that initial letter 
larger, drop it down below the baseline, but then you have to deal with 
the text on the next line. The only situation this might work would be 
with a hanging indent.

As David noted, a paragraph style, when applied, will apply to the whole 


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