[scribus] Scribus PDF Error

John Culleton john at wexfordpress.com
Sat Apr 3 21:35:05 CEST 2010

On Saturday 03 April 2010 05:07:59 Owen wrote:
> > Has anybody used a massively large image in Scribus and was able to
> > export it to PDF?
> Well, I just opened a 55 Mb png file (off a scanner at 600dpi) and
> exported to pdf. Exporting for screen produced a 9 Mb file, exporting
> for print generated a 53 Mb file
> No probs
> I haven't worked out what OS system you are using. Here I am using
> Ubuntu and 1.3.7 out of svn
> If you are using a linux, start Scribus from the command line and see
> what messages occur when you try the faulty export.
> There are tiffs and tiffs, which is a bit of a problem for some people
> or programs. What happens when you open it in gimp. Any error
> messages?
> Do you have any faulty memory? Run memtest lately?
> If you are on windows, there maybe other questions

The Deity must have loved Tiff formats, because he made so many of them. For 
that reason pdftex, with will import most image formats, won't touch tiff. 
The auhtors over there can't be bothered with so many variants. 
John Culleton
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