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     Subject: Scribus Styles
Hello All,

I need to extract information from Scribus SLA files and store it in a custom  
XML format.  I note that Scribus supports named styles. I tried flipping  
between two named styles on a text frame and found that the "CAB" attribute  
of the ITEXT node changes.  However, it is not easily apparent to me that the  
individual Style nodes have a unique numeric attribute which is being  
referenced in CAB or elsewhere.  Where can I get detailed print-ready  
information on the Scribus XML format?

p.s. - I am new to the world of DTP so forgive me if my questions appear  
naive.  Could someone clarify the following

Scribus does not have the word processor concept of  a paragraph?

Finally, more by way of an observation - it strikes me as being odd that  
Scribus does not choose to group nodes such as  <STYLE> <COLOR> inside a  
parent node - logically called <STYLES> and <COLORS>.

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