[scribus] Local User Groups? ... Call for Luxembourg and environment

Craig cbradney at zip.com.au
Wed Sep 30 20:22:11 CEST 2009

Matthias Schmitt wrote:
> Hello
> On 30.09.2009, at 08:28, Winti wrote:
>> Daniel Wintersdorf, Luxembourg order made on May 23, 2009
> This is now the third time I noticed, that somebody in my area is using
> Scribus. This brings me to the question: are there any local user groups
> for Scribus? This could be a good thing as it is sometimes nice to
> exchange ideas when looking on the same monitor, to see what other users
> have done with Scribus, to know which local printing partners are used,
> etc.
> Would anybody in the area of Luxembourg (including the closer area of
> Germany, France or Belgium) be interested in such a user group? If yes,
> feel free to contact me, so we could organise a first contact.
> Thank you.
> Best regards
> Matthias Schmitt
> Luxembourg

Hi Matthias

I am one of the Scribus developers, and also living in Luxembourg by
chance :). I once presented Scribus at CRP Henri Tudor one of of their
earlier free software/open source software days in around 2004 or 2005,
maybe you dropped by.

Anyway, we could certainly gather a group to meet up and go over
anything like the topics you mentioned.


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