[scribus] Vertical align of text / aligning text with horizontal lines

Timothy J Massey tmassey at obscorp.com
Wed Sep 30 17:13:22 CEST 2009


I'm new to Scribus but not new to DTP.  I'm trying to create your standard 
fill-in paper form.  You know:

Name; __________
Address: ________
Telephone: ______


>From what I can tell, Scribus doesn't give me a lot of tools for making 
this work the way I would expect.

At first, I created a separate text box for each label (Name: Address:, 
Telephone: in my example above).  But then I found that I can't vertically 
align the text inside of a text box to the *bottom* of the text box!  This 
causes no end of problems for me.  How do I align the text and the lines 
next to the text?  FWICT, I'm forced to do this purely by eye.  I can't 
use any type of guide lines, because the *top* of the text is snapping to 
the guide line, and I'm not trying to draw a line at the top of the text, 
but at the *bottom*!

This problem is made worse if I ever want to change the font size: the 
baseline of the text will be pushed *down*, because it's anchored at the 
*top*!  If it were anchored at the bottom, it would merely push up, where 
I've got plenty of room.  After all, I need to leave more vertical space 
for handwriting than I do for type...

Enough ranting.  My question:  how do you set up your document so that you 
can create a document like I've described?  Is there a technique that I've 

Thank you very much for your help!

Tim Massey

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