[scribus] Vertical align of text / aligning text with horizontal lines

Timothy J Massey tmassey at obscorp.com
Wed Sep 30 20:23:34 CEST 2009

scribus-bounces at lists.scribus.net wrote on 09/30/2009 12:21:29 PM:

> For this kind of thing done in this way, I prefer to use a horizontal 
> line (ie, a vector drawing). That way, you have independent control over 

> line style and font size/style.

Which is what I would use.  What else *could* you use besides a line?  If 
I wanted to use underscores, I'd use OpenOffice!  :)

> It can be a bit fiddly when you move 
> things or change font features. Once you're set, group the line and text 

> so they can move together. Use the number data in Properties to help 
> with precise spacing and spatial relationships.

Yeah, so far that's the best I've been able to come up with. 
Unfortunately, that's 100% manual--especially as it seems that lines don't 
snap to guidelines!!!  And not even a Paste Multiple where I could at 
least avoid having to type in *some* of the numbers...  :(

> In the Shape tab of Properties you can find adjustments for Distances of 

> text from the various borders of the frame.

I'll look into that.  However, since I wrote the e-mail above, I've gone 
back to putting everything back into a single text frame, and using 
leading to fix the spacing between each line.  I then manually created the 
guidelines using the same spacing as the leading.  Then all I have to do 
is manually align a single line with a single guideline and *all* of the 
lines align with the guidelines.  It *greatly* limits my flexibility 
(forget easily adding a line-and-a-half spacing between certain sections, 
for example), but it would work as a first pass.

Then I find that lines won't snap to guidelines...  Now I'm supposed to 
create *each* and *every* line by typing a bunch of numbers into boxes?!? 
Why?!?  It's more like drawing with a spreadsheet than a DTP program... :)

Tim Massey

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