[scribus] printing Scribus Manual

Robert Marma robert_marma at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 28 19:14:46 CEST 2009

To the Scribus Development Team:

I am a Scribuw Newbie and have submitted to this illustrious group a few queries, which have always been answered competently, politely, and--most important--patiently!  Although I unfortunately cannot afford to purchase the new Scribus manual myself, I have been following the discussion concerning how to cost effectively print and store a relatively small run of these books, and another possible solution immediately came to mind.

I am currently retired, but about 13 years ago I worked for a county agency that administered a land information system which we leased to both municipalities and the public on an annual basis.  The service included providing data about recorded land records, assessment information, and maps showing parcels within the county by jurisdiction.  With this service we also provided a hard-copy version of these maps, which, if I were recall correctly, were stitch-bound then glued into their soft covers, then trimmed.  We usually ordered relatively small quantities [typically 2,000-10,000 volumes] of these map albums, which were prepared for us by the Xerox Repro center here on Long Island.  They used to use a system called the "Docutech", which digitally stored images of our map sheets after they were scanned in, and if we were certain that we would have additional runs of map albums a certain township they, too, could store the entire run on this system.

I don't know about current pricing, but they might be willing to cut your development team some slack because of your community-based development status.  Of course, your team would also have to check with them about color profiles and templates, etc.

I just thought I would throw this idea out for consideration.  Good luck with the manual and with your future development--and debugging--projects.



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