[scribus] Superscript problem

Gregory Pittman gregp_ky at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 18 14:29:29 CEST 2009

On 09/15/2009 06:06 PM, Clay Fouts wrote:
> Hi, all.
> I'm experiencing a problem with Scribus' rendering of superscript
> characters in a specific document. In the story editor any superscript
> characters render as expected with the super's base resting near the
> mean line. However, in the document display and in the PDF doc the
> super characters are resting on the baseline. This happens with any
> font and in any style (or no style) throughout the document. I can
> bring up a fresh document and everything renders as expected all the
> way through to the target PDF.
> Here is my installation info:
> Scribus Version
> 11 August 2009
> Build ID: C-C-T-F-Q-Mac/Aqua
> Using Ghostscript version 8.64
> Where is a good starting point to figure out what is causing this?
> Thank you for any tips or leads. I'm happy to provide further details,
> of course.
Have you looked at File > Preferences > Typography (or File > Document 
Setup > Typography) to see what the setting is for superscript 
displacement? See if playing with settings there makes a difference.


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