[scribus] Linux vs Windows for Scribus ?

John Culleton john at wexfordpress.com
Tue Sep 15 23:54:13 CEST 2009

On Monday 14 September 2009 20:23:19 jwminer at accessvt.com 
> John wrote:
> > Downloaded [VectorLinux] again, installed again and this 
time it
> worked. It has
> > both Scribus and Inkscape 46.  I still have lots of 
> > up to
> > do, like getting on line and installing kmail, but now I can 
> > a
> > positive experience.
> Scribus should be available in the repos in a few days. 
> a volunteer packager and have created a tlz package for Scribus
> I have to submit it to the packagers' board and if it
> passes inspection, it will be posted in the VL testing repo. After
> there is enough feedback, it'll be moved to the regular repos.
> Next I'll tackle 1.3.5. After that it'll be Fontmatrix. I had hoped
> to get and 1.3.5 packaged months ago but I had too 
> interruptions during the summer.
> --Judy M.
>    USA

Now if some kind soul could make Inkscape-current available
(AKA Inkscape 47 Pre) then I will be more than satisfied. That is 
really the reason I went distro shopping. 

John Culleton
"Create Book Covers with Scribus"

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