[scribus] importing images with your text filter?

JLuc jluc at no-log.org
Mon Sep 14 20:36:41 CEST 2009


This is also something i'll have to do some time...
however i'll need to insert some bits of character styles changes
in middle of the textlines, so i dunno if its possible to do it
the way you do it with the text importer styling process...

AFAIK, You'll probably need to save the path in the txt,
with #path: the/path/to/imgfile
and then write a python script that go and fetches all pathes
in the text and insert the images in place.

Good luck,

Ryan a écrit :
> Does anyone know if it's possible to flow images (or paths to the images
> that would result showing the image) in when you import text with the text
> filter? I have a .txt file I export from my website full of classified
> ads which I use in Scribus via the Get Text with the text filters so my
> styles are applied. Here is a very small sample of my text file....
> @telephone:604-111-1111
> @price:$13,895.00 firm
> @description:This is a great looking car
> @location:Vancouver
> So what I'm wondering is can I add the option somehow to show images that go
> with the ads by adding the path to the image in the text file i'm importing
> then somehow telling it to show the photo.i.e.
> @photo://path_to_server/mydocuments/photos/photo1.jpg
> @telephone:604-111-1111
> @price:$13,895.00 firm
> @description:This is a great looking car
> @location:Vancouver
> The purpose is to save a pile of time in placing each photo in manually by
> having the path to it somehow? My layout is about 50-80 pages, tabloid size,
> with 6 columns per page, there would be approx. 5 photos on each of the
> pages.
> Has anyone done this before?
> Is this the way to accomplish this task?
> thanks
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