[scribus] importing images with your text filter?

Ryan ryancoc at gmail.com
Wed Sep 9 20:34:40 CEST 2009

Does anyone know if it's possible to flow images (or paths to the images
that would result showing the image) in when you import text with the text
filter? I have a .txt file I export from my website full of classified
ads which I use in Scribus via the Get Text with the text filters so my
styles are applied. Here is a very small sample of my text file....

@price:$13,895.00 firm
@description:This is a great looking car
So what I'm wondering is can I add the option somehow to show images that go
with the ads by adding the path to the image in the text file i'm importing
then somehow telling it to show the photo.i.e.

@price:$13,895.00 firm
@description:This is a great looking car

The purpose is to save a pile of time in placing each photo in manually by
having the path to it somehow? My layout is about 50-80 pages, tabloid size,
with 6 columns per page, there would be approx. 5 photos on each of the
Has anyone done this before?
Is this the way to accomplish this task?

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