[scribus] How to retain pure balck CMYK(0, 0, 0, 100) with color management activated

laurin Mckinnon basil493 at tpg.com.au
Thu Sep 10 09:17:49 CEST 2009

I'm worried about the direction of the questions you've asked. Colour
management is about managing the profiles of different devices eg
correcting for colour space differences between scanners, monitors,
printers etc. It's not about 'fixing' photos. The tool for that is photo
editing program. 

My advice would be: With colour management off, open the photo in The
GIMP or similar. If it doesn't look right, adjust it so it has
almost-blacks and almost-whites, and that the colours are as you expect.
Make it look 'fog' free and near perfect there first. (I'm assuming this
is a normal type photo, and not an unusual one that is not meant to have
blacks or whites.)

Then bring it into Scribus (again with colour management off) then it
should look reasonable. Despite what you see on your monitor, using
colour management to 'adjust' photos is unlikely to work in practice
unless you at least have all the correct device profiles active. 

If you have text coloured ( by definition it has 0% Cyan, 0%
Magenta, 0% Yellow, and 100 Black). Assuming this to be true, I don't
understand how it has any text on the CMY plates. It would seen unlikely
that colour management could add 100% CMY, let alone imagine what such a
change would do to your poor photo! Can you recheck your observations?

And next, if you want better colour matching _between_ devices then,
with a half day to spare, turn on colour management everywhere and set
up profiles for each camera, scanner, monitor, local printer etc you
have. Critically, get profiles from your final output printer. Only then
will what you see on your scanner, approximate what you see on your
monitor and what you get back in boxes from your printer. 

But beware, it's all on or all off and it's not to be done lightly.
Please research colour management so you understand before you start!
Maybe also talk to your final output printer, he's probably been doing
it for years (maybe even without computers) and knows exactly what he
needs to get what you want on paper.

Hope this helps

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