[scribus] Colour Profiles

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Mon Sep 7 14:48:19 CEST 2009

>> The problem is that the profile for a camera would depend on the
>> ambient light when you take the photo.

> If you want to standardise the distribution of colours as opposed to
> reproduce them ?

Well, there's the problem. How do you generate a "reference color" for
the camera without involving the light?

> OK.  And scanners ?

Scanners can be profiled. They are the cheapest things to profile.

Buy an IT 8.7 target from Wolf Faust, download the reference file,
scan the target, and voila!

But you will have to redo the profile when the light source in the scanner ages.

You could of course do the same with your digital camera. But the
profile would only be valid under the very same light source, from the
very same angle. In a scanner the light source and the angle are
always the same, which makes the profiling easier.

> But let's focus on Scribus.  When we produce PDFs which look good in
> Scribus and Acrobat, they look similar on the screens used by our
> clients. If we adjust the VDUs we use to match the printer we use the
> most, I guess that will be a pretty bad match for the way our clients
> have their VDUs set up in a typical office.

You HAVE tried Scribus feature to simulate printer colors on screen?


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