[scribus] Colour Profiles

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Mon Sep 7 08:21:34 CEST 2009

>> The pictures from the
>> camera will be in a "standard" colorspace like sRGB or for better
>> cameras maybe AdobeRGB.

> Perhaps but perhaps this is mostly wishful thinking.

Well, it's all in the camera manual. Most modern cameras will even tag
the image with the colorspace used.

>> Of course the professionals only shoot RAW, and then apply corrections
>> to get what they want, but they will still save the resulting image
>> (usually a TIFF) using AdobeRGB.

> They do?  I know that this is not how I do my RAW processing.  I create custom

Well, maybe I should have said "perfectionists". I know quite a few
photo forums where you will get severely bashed if you try to convince
the members that standard profiles are useable.

> You do?  I know that this is not how I handle it.  When using a good custom
> profile I seldom make any adjustments to the photo during RAW processing other
> than to make exposure adjustments.

And you don't do adjustments after the RAW processing either? Because
if you adjust curves in your image editing program you are just
splitting the "per image" profiling into two steps.


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