[scribus] Wrong emphasis

W. Anderson wanderson at nac.net
Sun Sep 6 20:39:59 CEST 2009

It is easy for the discussion of running Scribus on either GNU/Linux or 
Windows to deteriorate into meaningless and senseless arguments, unless 
one reverts to the fundamental aspect of the question.

What are the "real" advantages/disadvantage of either Operating System 
(OS) environment, and features of Scribus available in both.

If the evaluation of Windows versus GNU/Linux  covers and is restricted 
to - Reliability,  Performance,  Flexibility (configuration options),  
Ease-of-Use, Security (very, very important)  and Value  (Overall 
Costs/ROI), then there is little argument  - or should be - that 
GNU/Linux is "proven" far superior to any iteration of Windows up to and 
including Vista, even given that most creditable Market Research firms 
and some Fortune 500 corporations have determined that /*neither OS has 
an advantage in the 'Ease-of-Use area*/, of which the choice is purely 

Therefore, using Scribus on either OS would or should take above into 
consideration, along with other applications used and the 
working/business arena that may dictate a particular selection.

Any other rhetoric or ravings are irrelevant.

W. Anderson
wanderson at kimalcorp.org

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