[scribus] What is Signal 6?

John Jason Jordan johnxj at comcast.net
Sun Sep 6 01:36:12 CEST 2009

On Sat, 5 Sep 2009 16:54:32 -0500 (GMT-05:00)
"William F. Maddock" <billsey at earthlink.net> dijo:

> > kernel: pid 567 (clamd), uid 1006: exited on signal 6
> Signal 6 is SIGABRT -- see /usr/include/sys/signal.h.  A process dying
> with this signal is usually due to it calling the abort(3) function.
> That generally indicates that the process itself has found that some
> essential pre-requisite for correct function is not available and
> voluntarily killing itself, rather than the process being killed by
> the kernel because it ran over resource limits or looked at memory
> addresses funny or something.
> Hmmm... there should be some sort of explanation logged by the clamav
> processes as to why they've elected to abort.  You might find running
> the daemon in foreground -- possibly under a debugger -- provides more
> information.  See the 'Foreground' and 'Debug' items in
> clamav.conf(5).

>From the gdb messages it appears that something is missing in Qt that
the frames in the new documents require. 

Just now I went into the original document and copied six of the frames
(the first one for each exercise) to the Scrapbook. While I had each
frame selected I also opened Story Editor and saved the text to file. 

Then I closed the big original document and created a new document of
just two pages. I set it up with the same margins and grid as the
original document. Then I dragged one of the frames from the scrapbook.
This crashed Scribus with signal 11. Every one of the six frames in the
Scrapbook will crash Scribus with signal 11 if I drag it into a new
document. Interestingly, I had no problem copying and pasting any of
the frames from the original document into a new document. I also tried
selecting the frames in the Scrapbook and using Paste to Page, but that
did nothing at all.

So then I created a new document, again with the same margins and grid
as the original, and of two pages. Instead of trying to drag or paste
the frames out of the Scrapbook I just created a brand new frame. This
went well. Then I tried to import the text that I had saved from the
original document, only to discover that Scribus had failed to create
any of the text documents that it said it had.

Apparently this is not my day to work in Scribus.

I finally figured out a workaround. I opened the original document,
saved under a new name, then deleted all pages except the pages on
which one of the exercises appeared. Then I saved this document and
closed Scribus. I relaunched Scribus and it happily opened the
truncated document. 

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