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Hal V. Engel hvengel at astound.net
Thu Sep 3 22:44:48 CEST 2009

On Thursday 03 September 2009 12:15:43 pm Peter Nermander wrote:
> > I always thought that this means that the output will be converted to the
> > "Printer:" color space that is set in the Color Management Preferences
> > dialog.
> As far as I understand that profile is only used to simulate printer
> colors on the screen. If it was used in the PDF export it surely would
> be able to change it from the PDF export dialog.

If that is the case where do you set the output profile used in the PDF export 
to printer dialog?  I see places to set the profiles used for solid colors and 
for images along with the rendering intent but I don't see where I can set the 
output color space (IE. profile) for the printer I am exporting to.  In order 
for the export to work it needs to have an output profile to flatten all of the 
contents colors to (IE, a profile for the printer).  Where does this come from 
if it is not using the Printer: profile in Color Management preferences?

> The same goes for the monitor profile there, it is supposed to apply
> to the monitor you use, not the monitor you export for.

The export to monitor/web is just a special case where Scribus defaults to 
using the standard web profile of sRGB as the output profile.  This should 
really say export to web since that is really what it is.  The Scribus 
developers appear to have added the monitor part to reduce confusion for non-
color management savvy users to make it easy for them to create PDFs for 
viewing on a monitor.   The exported PDF should end up with the sRGB profile 
embedded and any good PDF viewer should be able to grab the embedded sRGB 
profile from the PDF file and do the correct conversion to have things look good 
on your calibrated and characterized monitor if you have one and everything is 
correctly configured.

> /Peter
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