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a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Wed Sep 2 08:53:49 CEST 2009

hi henry,

it's difficult to tell you exactly what the problems are, without looking at the file.

the "background" relates to the layer where the text frame is (the first layer is black, the second is red and so on...)
nothing to worry, there!

now to real problem: the text overflow.

i think you should have a look at the content of the frame: is there any text which is not shown? is there an extra carriage return at the end of the frame?
you may open one of the frame with the story editor and see what exactly is in there.

one possible cause may be a "\n" at the end of your string in the script...

as i wrote: it's difficult to tell without seeing the .sla and/or the script you are using.

have fun and share your script.


> I have a script that takes a directory full of photographs and builds
> a document with either four or six images per page, scaled and
> rotated to the same size. Under each image is the file name for that
> image. I print this out (double-sided) as a sort of large contact
> sheet with room for notes, etc. and I put them in binders for future
> reference. Very handy for finding an image out of the many I've taken.
> I recently installed and I'm seeing something a little odd
> when exporting my documents to PDF (I won't swear this wasn't a
> problem before). I get a whole series of warnings in the preflight
> verifier saying "Text overflow [] Background" where [] is a black
> block. Looking at the individual text frames that are listed, none
> actually have a text overflow. There are six text frames on each page
> -- a title frame, four image captions and a page number. The warnings
> start with the second text frame on the second page and include every
> text frame from there to the end of the document.
> The image caption frames are 273 points by 36 points and contain a
> file name in 12 pt Garamond Regular. They are a single line similar
> to this:
> img_20090813_073266.jpg
> The word "Background" in the warning also makes me wonder if this has
> nothing to do with the actual text.
> I'm not particularly worried about these warnings as I can see that
> everything is fine and when I print the document all is well.
> Nevertheless, can anyone explain what it might be warning me of?
> --
> Henry
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